Support Facilities and Equipment

CRA owns and operates state-of-the-art equipment for any historic preservation need you may have. Whether it be field work or laboratory testing, CRA can provide professional, in-house support.


CRA’s mobile field laboratory/trailer can simply be hitched to any one of our field vehicles and, once on site, a field laboratory is available no matter what the weather. The firm also owns the latest in near-surface remote sensing, GIS/GPS, EDM surveying equipment, data storage devices, and laptop field computers. We also support fieldwork with heavy-duty water pumps, Flot-Tech flotation devices, giant water sluices, mobile telephones for all field staff, and a full complement of traditional archaeological gear such as shaker screens, shovels, and trowels.

Laboratory work

Our 15,000-sq-ft corporate headquarters includes facilities for both analytical and report preparation activities. Custom and commercial software programs are available to all employees via our intra-office system through any of our Intel-based workstations. We own the latest in computer aided design software (AutoCAD and MicroStation) and geographic information system/cartography (ArcGIS, ArcView and Surfer).

All reports are created in-house. Since our founding in 1983, we have completed over 3,000 technical reports.

All research is also supported by our in-house library containing more than 7,000 volumes of archeological literature.