Statement of Qualifications

Mission Statement

For the past three decades, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA), has been recognized as one of the most respected, full-service, cultural resource consulting firms in the United States. Our mission is to meet our client’s needs in the delivery of appropriate, high-quality, cost-effective consulting services in the study of archaeology and the historic built environment. CRA’s accomplishments are directly attributable to our core values: excellent service, respecting all people, building strong relationships, honesty, integrity, supporting our employees, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The CRA Advantage

  • Depth of staff, equipment, and financial resources to guarantee effective completion of your project on schedule
  • Extensive experience working as a prime or subcontractor with clients in the private and public sectors, including agencies of local and state governments and the federal government; non-profit organizations; and small international corporations
  • Capacity to conduct concurrent, large-scale field projects
  • Permanent, professional staff with technical expertise in historic and prehistoric archaeology, architectural history, and history to cover the full range of cultural resources encountered
  • Specialists in human skeletal remains and mortuary practices, prehistoric lithic and ceramics, historic materials, faunal, and paleoethnobotanical analyses and geomorphology
  • In-house equipment and expertise in geophysical survey and prospection
  • Modern offices with well-equipped archaeological laboratories
  • Highly-trained staff in information technology that uses state of the art computer equipment and software to produce graphics that support cultural resource studies and plans
  • Full-time publications department dedicated to preparing user-friendly, error-free final product
  • Impeccable safety record and excellent working relationships with subconsultant companies


CRA provides a full range of cultural resource and historic preservation services. Specializing in both historic structures and archaeology, we routinely assist state and federal agencies, as well as private developers, through the permitting process as it applies to federal and state preservation regulations. Our extensive experience includes working with state and federal agencies on survey and evaluation strategies and requirements and the development, negotiation, and implementation of mitigation plans.

Services include:

  • Architectural Services and Historic Preservation
  • Heritage Tourism and Public Education
  • Historic Archaeology
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Archaeology

Visit the Services section of our web site for detailed descriptions of the services we provide, as well as project examples for each.

Team Qualifications

Our staff consistently exceeds state requirements for professional education and experience. Every team member has attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. All principal investigators in the company possess a master’s degree or higher, as do many of our archaeological field supervisors, architectural historians, historians, publications staff, and administrative support. Several of our staff have attained a doctorate in archaeology, and each archaeologist on our staff is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA).

Equipment and Facilities

Our three-story headquarters building consists of a wet lab, a specialties lab, a photography studio, an osteological laboratory, a faunal analysis comparative collection, and a series of additional analysis labs with multi-purpose layout space. Similar lab set-ups exist at our satellite offices as well. CRA technology includes computer workstations for each permanent employee, additional laptops, black and white and color printers/copiers, CAD stations, a plotter, and mapping and publications software. CRA’s fleet has 4WD vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, in addition to ATVs and boats to access remote areas. CRA also owns cargo trailers equipped for excavation. Surveying equipment includes stations with data collectors and GPS receivers. Specialized archaeological equipment includes flotation devices, film and digital cameras, water pumps (for water screening and site drainage), two-way radios, cellular phones, digital calipers, digital scales, microscopes, proton magnetometers, gradiometers, conductivity meters, and an electrolysis tank. In addition, we have a large number of field tools for working in inclement weather.

Health and Safety

CRA firmly believes that workplace safety and CRM studies go hand-in-hand; we recognize that a safe working environment leads to better work. Safety at CRA is accomplished by a proactive teamwork approach that begins with the selection of competent people and use of top-quality equipment to fulfill the needs of our clients in a safe and efficient manner. Ongoing safety training is a company-wide mandate at CRA. Each year, all employees receive training in first aid, CPR and bloodborne pathogens. CRA provides additional training opportunities throughout the year and conducts regular safety training for its project personnel that is tailored toward the specific needs of each project, including daily safety briefings and weekly safety meetings. Each CRA office has a designated safety officer, who develops and advocates measures for assuring workplace safety. All CRA employees are required to review and adopt our safety policies and employees are expected to recognize and report unsafe working conditions and behaviors. Through our company-wide dedication to employee safety, CRA prides itself on creating a safe work environment through constant improvement.

Financial Performance

Recognizing the need for accurate and timely financial information to ensure the best performance and highest measure of accountability, CRA is subject to annual audits by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and, on occasion, by the Department of Defense. These audits have been relatively painless due to the firm’s excellent bookkeeping records and integrated system for linking critical transaction systems and budget formulation systems with its core financial system. The company has cost-effective, activity based cost management information that improves our performance and services rendered at all levels.

IDIQ Experience

CRA currently holds a twenty year-long Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract as a prime contractor for providing environmental planning and documentation services with the General Service Administration (GSA Contract No. GS-10F-0259N, effective February 20, 2003). This procurement vehicle may be used by any federal agency to contract directly with CRA through the GSA Federal Supply Schedule SIN 899-1. Our particular niche lies in Archaeological, Historical, and other Cultural Resource Management Plans, Studies, and Consultations. Federal agencies order from these schedules by developing a Scope of Work, requesting quotes from at least three schedule contractors, and making their selection based upon best value (FAR 8:404).

Quite simply, the GSA provides federal agencies with the best value for the dollars available.

CRA also holds IDIQ contracts as prime consultants with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The firm serves as a subcontractor on other indefinite delivery contracts with the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and both the Louisville and Huntington Districts of the Corps of Engineers. In the past, we have served as prime contractors and subcontractors for other similar contracts with the Nashville, Louisville, Huntington, and Kansas City Districts of the Corps of Engineers.

Information Management Systems

CRA’s application of cutting-edge technology across the entire spectrum of the cultural resource management process gives our clients a product unparalleled within the industry. CRA employs Information Technology specialists to maintain existing information systems and to evaluate new technologies for incorporation into our system. CRA has made a considerable investment in computer, networking, and peripheral hardware to provide our staff with a fast, stable network environment. The use of industry-leading retail software and several custom proprietary database suites allows CRA to collect and disseminate information in a wide variety of electronic and paper formats.

Production Department

CRA produces quality reports that exceed the highest technical standards and clearly convey the results of our work. CRA provides a full range of graphic design and interpretive services. The use of industry-standard computer-aided design and drafting, geographical information systems, and graphic arts and document layout software allows CRA to provide and accept mapping and reports in any format. CRA employs production specialists and professional cartographers who will tailor customized report and mapping solutions to meet your needs.

Past Performance

CRA has worked with hundreds of clients over the years and completed thousands of projects. Our management approach ensures that each project is treated individually and that the staff, equipment, and financial resources necessary are made available. We are very proud to provide services to many long-standing clients. CRA has grown into a large-scale business that continues to retain small-business accessibility. We can create solutions for your compliance needs, responding to you whenever necessary, with the right answers.


For thirty (30) years, CRA has provided services to many different clients. Please visit our Clients page to see a full list of clients.

office_mapGeographical Range

CRA’s professional staff has supervisory experience in the archaeology and architectural history of the Ohio Valley, Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, Southwest and Great Basin. With office locations across the nation, CRA has the ability to conduct cultural resource projects throughout the country. In addition, CRA employees have conducted cultural resource projects in Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Canada, China, Crete, Cyprus, France, Guam, Honduras, Hungary, Gaza, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and Wake Island.