Mallory Moore

Field Supervisor
RPA Registration No. In Process

Wayne State University, B.A. Anthropology

Wayne State University, M.A.  Anthropology/Historical Archaeology



Mallory Moore joined CRA in 2019 and serves as a Staff Archaeologist and Field Supervisor in the Shreveport, Louisiana office. She is responsible for the management of field personnel and daily project operations as well as technical research and writing of project reports. She holds a M.A. in anthropology with four years of archaeological experience in many regions including the Southeastern, Midwest, Central, and Western United States. Mallory has experience with Phase I, II, and III projects originating from both prehistoric and historic settlements. Her primary areas of interest include urban archaeology and contact-period settlements.

Originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan, Mallory attended undergraduate studies in anthropology at Wayne State University and participated in their Roosevelt Park field school studying the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, which had previously been an historic Irish settlement occupied from the mid-1800s to 1920. Following the field school, Mallory continued to act as a research assistant dealing with artifacts from Roosevelt park for years following her field experience. Mallory continued her studies at Wayne State University and received her M.A. in historical archaeology. Mallory went on to act as the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project in 2017 where she worked with historical records and artifacts from the contact-period French mission, garrison, and trading post of Fort St. Joseph once located in the current city of Niles, Michigan. This experience led to many research projects into the lives of individuals from Fort St. Joseph including her Masters synthesis dealing with the tobacco smoking practices of the French and Native American occupants of Fort St. Joseph.

Outside of archaeology, Mallory participated in competitive swimming for 18 years, 3 years of which were with GLIAC Champions, Wayne State University, where she swam the distance events. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends.