Jennifer M. Haney, RPA

RPA Registration No. 15209

Indiana State University, B.A. Anthropology

Southern Illinois University, M.A. Anthropology



Jen Haney rejoined CRA in 2017 and serves as the Laboratory Director in the Shreveport, Louisiana office. She holds an M. A. in Anthropology and has more than 20 years of archaeological field experience in the Midwest and Southeast United States.
Jen is responsible for providing oversight on the analysis and curation of collections in the Louisiana Office archaeological laboratory. She works in concert with principal investigators and staff archaeologists in the Louisiana office to ensure that project scopes of work and research designs regarding laboratory work will support the project goals, and that in their final disposition the collections are compliant with state guidelines. Also among Jen’s responsibilities are the authorship and co-authorship of reports of findings, and assistance with the preparation of budgets and proposals. Additionally, Jen provides administrative assistance in the Louisiana Office.


Originally from Pendleton, Indiana, she attended Indiana State University to complete her baccalaureate. She then attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, where she completed her M.A. with an emphasis on prehistoric pottery technology. Jen has worked on numerous small projects, as well as, several large mitigation projects. She has directed large field laboratories and permanent archaeological laboratories – sometimes, while running field projects of her own.