Gene Brock

Field Supervisor

Eastern Kentucky University, B.A. Anthropology

Gene Brock is a native of Berea, Kentucky. He is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Minors in Archaeology, Appalachian Studies, and an associate’s degree in Communications.  Gene began working in archaeology with private and academic research in 2013 throughout the Appalachian region and the St. Johns River basin in Florida. His areas of interest include: Early Paleo-American studies; Lithic Technologies; Peopling of the Americas; Historical Archaeology; Pre-Historic Archaeology; American Civil War; Satellite Remote Sensing; Global Information Systems; Lidar; Experimental Archaeology; Oral Histories; Mythology; and the Beautification of Death.

Gene has a diverse professional background and is the founding member of the country music group Whiskey River. Gene resides in Berea, Kentucky with his wife (Sharon) and two sons (Hunter & Avia). In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and outdoor recreation.