Faye posing between rock mounds with vast landscape in background.


Faye Clark

Field Supervisor

The Ohio State University, MA Anthropology

Mercyhurst University, BS Anthropology

Faye Clark is a staff archaeologist Hurricane, West Virginia office. They have thirteen years of experience as both a field technician and crew chief at several firms, conducting Phase I and II cultural resource inventories, participating in block excavations, cemetery removals, cultural resource monitoring, NAGPRA repatriation, and Tribal Consultation in the Ohio River Valley, the southeast, and southwest. Their research interests include stone tool typology, material acquisition, microwear analysis, the Late Archaic-Early Woodland transition, Adena-Hopewell land use patterns, public outreach, science communication, and interpretive programming for all ages.  They are interested in exploring the use of nontraditional collections in academic research and developing research relationships between public and private institutions. Mx. Clark has experience and training in cultural and ecological compliance including Section 106 and Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


They enjoy art shows, making costumes, visiting museums and parks, and spending time with their pets, Barriss and Raine Whiskers. Their free time is spent volunteering at a local animal shelter, playing TTRPGs with friends, and visiting museums, parks, and historical sites.