S. Alan Higgins

Director, Architectural and Cultural History

Southeast Missouri State University, B.S. Historic Preservation

Ball State University, M.S. Historic Preservation

Colorado State University, Certificate in Sustainable Military Land Management



Architectural Historian

Alan Higgins is an architectural historian and preservation planner with a B.S. and M.S. in Historic Preservation. Intimately familiar with the National Historic Preservation Act and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, Alan has participated in a diverse range of projects—engaging complex issues of both historic resource management and regulatory compliance—and is particularly adept at helping communities, organizations, and agencies promote, protect, and celebrate their heritage assets. Valuing the power of local education, Alan has served leadership positions with a number of preservation organizations and contributed to diverse efforts to raise awareness of the rich history of Indiana, including, for example, writing content for the Society of Architectural Historians’ Archipedia catalogue of Indiana’s 100 Classic Buildings.


Alan also has recognized experience and expertise in the identification, documentation, and preservation of post-1950 architecture. He has worked closely with local organizations and municipalities, state historic preservation offices, and federal agencies to identify and plan for resources from the period; developed architectural terminology and building typologies for this era; and completed thematic contexts, resource studies, determinations of eligibility, and National Register documentation for properties from the modern era. He has presented his work at the local, regional, and national levels, including at meetings of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Transportation Research Board, and numerous local and state organizations and agencies. Through his work, Alan remains dedicated to cultivating an ethic of understanding and consistent, appropriate treatment for our recent heritage.


When not at work, Alan enjoys dabbling in photography and graphic design, traveling with his wife, and learning how the world works from his three kids.