Client and Reviewer Comments

These are a sample of the positive review letters from satisfied clients that CRA has received over the years.

Client Comments

"..the report was thoughtful, thorough, well written and well researched. Such reports greatly accelerate the review process by providing needed information in a clear and timely manner."

Susan Pierce, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, West Virginia Division of Culture and History

"CRA has proven highly competent in scheduling, keeping me informed, providing weekly reports, coordinating with local agency contacts and interested public, and providing adequate billing records."

Robert Burton, Bureau of Reclamation

"Chuck, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff for the past 20 years. Your work for the Corps of Engineers has always been outstanding and has always allowed us to maintain our construction schedules while being in full compliance with historic preservation laws. Thank you for your contributions to public archeology, especially for the two award winning films Red Salt & Reynolds and Ghosts of Green Bottom which could not have been made without the participation of CRA."

Dr, Robert F. Maslowski, RPA, Archeologist, United States Army Corps of Engineers

"We have found CRA to be of the highest caliber in their field of expertise. KYTC routinely assigns them its most difficult tasks with the most demanding schedules and they consistently deliver results."

David M. Waldner, P.E., Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

"The speed with which you put together this report is nothing short of amazing. I appreciate all your efforts and will not hesitate to call upon CRA and you when ever I am given a chance."

John Brown, HMB Engineers

"Thanks to all of the employees at CRA for the quality of work and level of effort that you put forward in helping getting the data recoveries done to allow construction of the Rockies Express Pipeline to continue without delay. It has been a real pleasure to work with everyone at your company. ."

Seth Mitchell, AK Environmental LLC

"Over the years I worked with different contractors on many different types of jobs, but I never worked with a more professional one than CRA owned and operated by Chuck Niquette. Chuck and his firm always delivered no matter what physical or personnel obstacles were encountered during a job and always left the client completely satisfied with the work."

Donald Ator, ARCADIS-US

"Get CRA on the job and get a quality, no hassle, product or roll the dice with any number of other cultural resource firms, and hope something like this doesn't hold up your mine permit."

Mark A. Blair, Synergy Engineering Services, PLLC

"CRA was an unbelievable asset to our team in approaching both the COE and SHPO. As a development group, we took a proactive approach to the minimization/migration of the adverse effects and CRA steered the ship through the agencies and creation of the MOA. There is NO way that we could've navigated through the agencies without your help."

Bobby Raia Jr., Hollenbach Oakley, LLC